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Divorce Archives

Divorcing over politics

While many North Carolina couples decide to get a divorce due to incompatibility or finances, data shows that some are doing so over disagreements regarding politics. According to the study, approximately 10 percent of divorcing couples listed their reason for divorce as political disagreements.

Pre- and postnuptial agreements as protection from debt

North Carolina residents who are concerned about their current or future spouse's debt might want to consider creating a pre- or postnuptial agreement to protect them from those obligation. A pre- or postnup can specify that the debt a spouse incurs after the marriage belongs solely to that spouse. It can even include provisions that allow the other spouse to periodically takes steps such as examining the debtor spouse's credit report. This may be helpful if one spouse has an issue such as a gambling addiction.

How QDROs work in North Carolina

When a couple divorces, any assets that are considered to be marital assets are divided. This means that even items that are in one person's name, such as a retirement account, may be split up when a marriage ends. If assets from a retirement account are to be doled out during a divorce, a Qualified Domestic Relations Order will be created.

About prenuptial agreements

North Carolina couples who plan to get married may want to consider signing a prenuptial agreement. This is a contract that covers certain financial aspects should the marriage come to an end. Prenups are not solely for couples who have unequal financial standings or for those who have substantial wealth. They are also for couples who want to be open with one another about their finances before they get married.

What a prenuptial agreement can do for a couple

When a North Carolina couple is planning to get married, it is generally recommended that they get a prenuptial agreement, especially if they are bringing substantial assets into the union. Not only will the prenuptial agreement allow the couple to have control over their finances in the event of a divorce, but it cam also protect them should one spouse pass away or become involved in a serious accident.

The benefits of divorce mediation

If you are preparing to go through a divorce, you may have visions of a long, drawn-out court battle wrought with emotion, conflict and considerable expense. Divorcing couples who do not have particularly acrimonious relationships with one another may have an alternative solution at their fingertips in the form of mediation.

The financial protection of a prenup

People in North Carolina who are getting married might want to consider creating a prenuptial agreement, particularly if there are special circumstances. For example, if one of them has significant assets that they are bringing into the marriage, they might want to make sure that those are considered separate from marital property that may be divided in a divorce.

How divorce may affect financial aid

If you are going through or have ever been through a divorce, you know it is never an easy or emotionless process. Separating from someone and the life you have come to know has the capacity to throw your entire world into a tailspin, and it may seem hard to see the positive side of the situation, particularly if children are involved.

Deciding how to split the primary residence in a divorce

A North Carolina couple engaged in a high-asset divorce must decide how to deal with their primary residence. Even if they successfully agree on other aspects of property division, making a decision about the house they have shared can bring up difficult emotions and lead to costly mistakes.