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If I am marrying my ‘one’ do I need a prenuptial agreement?

In the song “Home Life” John Mayer insists that “I can tell you this much, I will marry just once and if it doesn’t work out, give her half of my stuff. It’s fine with me – we said eternity.” If you are getting married to your one-and-only, you may feel much the same way – that if things somehow fail to work out, you will not engage in any squabbling over property division. However, it is vitally important to understand that even if you plan to have a long, happy, truly successful marriage and will not engage in in-fighting in the event of a divorce, you, your future spouse and your marriage can truly benefit from the process of drafting a prenuptial agreement. 

Prenuptial Agreements can make marriages stronger

The very process of drafting a prenuptial agreement inspires couples to discuss their expectations, hopes and concerns with one another in regards to a variety of important subjects. When a couple is in love, it can be initially all too easy to avoid confronting uncomfortable subjects. However, for a marriage to remain stable and resilient, uncomfortable subjects must be confronted with honesty, integrity and thoughtfulness. By digging into financial matters, safeguards for current or future children, property and other critical issues, you and your future spouse will give your marriage a more solid foundation upon which to grow.

Prenuptial Agreements can give you peace of mind

Whether you and your future spouse have known each other for six months or sixteen years, you may have a few nagging doubts about whether or not marriage is the right path for you. This is a completely normal state of mind to have when approaching a major life decision. The process of drafting a prenuptial agreement can help to confirm that you and your future spouse are ready to take the next step in your lives together. And even if this process ultimately confirms that you and your significant other are not quite ready to say “I do,” the knowledge that you are making an informed decision will grant you peace of mind moving forward.

Property Matters

Finally, prenuptial agreements do often help to clarify important expectations and legal protections surrounding property matters. If you have personal property or property you hope to protect in your children’s names, a prenuptial agreement will help to ensure that you can avoid any unpleasant misunderstandings or legal hurdles if you and your future spouse ever opt to move forward in life apart from one another. This is a reality that can be difficult to face while blissfully looking forward to your wedding day, but you could pay a far heavier price should you choose to neglect securing these kinds of property protections, should you ever have need of them.