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Think about avoiding social media during your divorce process

Social media is increasingly attempting to connect everyone in American society. It is now relatively rare to meet an American adult who does not regularly access at least one social media account. However, it is important to understand that posting on social media can have serious consequences. This is particularly true when individuals choose to access social media at especially vulnerable times in their lives.

For example, if you are currently involved in a dispute over a legal issue governed by family law (such as a divorce, child custody, domestic violence or child support dispute), you may benefit from temporarily shutting down your social media accounts until your dispute is resolved. If you do choose to access social media during this time, you should be very careful when posting anything at all. 

The downfalls of social media during disputes

Even when individuals enable all available privacy settings on their social media accounts, their activity can generally be accessed and used as evidence by the courts. As a result, it can be a smart move to avoid social media altogether as you move through your family law dispute.

Thinking twice

If you do opt to post online during this period of time, it is critical that you think twice before adding pictures, comments and changing your relationship status. Even if you believe that your online activity is harmless, others involved in your family law dispute may view your activity a different way.

For example, if you are divorcing and you post a picture with your new significant other, your child’s other parent may use this photo as evidence that you are not acting in your child’s best interests by entering into a relationship so soon after deciding to divorce. Similarly, if you write about a new purchase you have made, your child’s other parent may use that post against you in a child support hearing.

Because social media turns into a bit of a minefield during family legal disputes, it is generally a good idea to avoid it altogether until matters are resolved. But if you opt to continue using it in order to connect with your support network, be very, very careful in what you choose to post.

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