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When you may benefit from apologizing during divorce

There are two primary reasons why individuals deliver apologies to others. First, they may feel sincerely sorry about the ways in which their choices have negatively affected another individual. Second, they may wish to minimize tensions that have cropped up for any number of reasons, whether or not they feel sincerely sorry about their contributions to those tensions.

Separate your finances before filing for divorce

If you suspect a separation or divorce is in your near future, you may be concerned with matters such as how it will impact the children and if you and your partner will remain cordial. It is easy to get caught up in the emotional side of family transitions and leave any financial questions or concerns to be sorted out later, but taking the time to carefully plan and think through financial matters may make the difference between a highly bitter separation or divorce and a friendly one. Consider taking the following actions to avoid making critical financial errors.

When texting your former spouse is hazardous

Chances are that you carry a cell phone around with you wherever you go. That phone allows you to remain connected to friends, to work and to the general world around you. It also helps to ensure that you can be reachable in an emergency. There are unquestionable benefits to having constant access to a cell phone. However, there are also hazards associated with this easy access as well.

Assessing financial goals before marrying

Divorces can be emotional and stressful for North Carolina couples. Although the plan when entering marriage is typically a forever relationship, more than 40 percent of first marriages do not survive. The divorce rate has decreased substantially since 1980, but couples should consider the possibility of divorce when planning for their lives together. By identifying serious discrepancies in outlook, especially with regard to finances, it may be possible to better prepare for handling these issues during marriage.

The process of legitimizing a child

When a child is born to unmarried parents in North Carolina, one or both parents may seek to have the child legitimized. This will result in both parents having the same rights and obligations as if the child had been born to them in wedlock. This means that both parents are responsible for supporting the child, and if one parent dies, the child can inherit assets from that parent.

Divorce judges may make the final decision on homes

When North Carolina couples file for divorce, judges may exercise their right to divide property in a manner that they deem to be fair. Negotiating a settlement agreement can avoid this. Nonetheless, soon-to-be exes ought to bear certain factors in mind as they are trying to determine who will get things like homes and other big assets.

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