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How divorced parents can plan holidays

Divorced parents in North Carolina may look toward the holidays with the intention of making them as pleasant as possible for their children, but they might be uncertain as to how to go about that. One of the most important things parents can do is to make specific plans well ahead of time. This ensures that there is plenty of time to work out any issues. Making plans that are specific helps to avoid any misunderstandings as well. This includes not just setting specific dates for exchanges but times and places.

When the child is with one parent, they can still enjoy video chats or phone calls with the other parent. As with visitation dates and exchanges, it is best if the parents are as specific as possible including how and when the call will take place and who will make the call.

Parents can write these points down and make it a formal legal agreement. This gives each parent the ability to enforce it legally. Furthermore, if there is conflict between the parents, they can use certain court-monitored tools to communicate, which can help prevent the escalation that may occur by using phone, text or email.

How vacations and holidays are handled is one issue parents might include in their parenting plan during divorce, but over the years, various circumstances and the ages of the children might lead to the need for changing that plan. Parents may want to consider writing a parenting plan that is flexible enough to accommodate changes and that also introduces a framework for resolving issues that may arise. For major changes, such as one child going to live with the other or a parent’s need to change the amount of child support paid, it may be necessary to return to court.

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