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Danger that could occur during child exchanges

Many North Carolina parents who are no longer married share custody of their children. This means that they must occasionally drop their children off or physically exchange their children. Even if the parents were able to amicably dissolve their marriage, dealing with custody disputes can often result in frustration and other strong emotions that can potentially make the child exchange environment dangerous.

Child custody and visitation for unmarried fathers

A father in North Carolina has the right to seek visitation and custody rights regardless of whether he was married to his child's mother. However, paternity must be officially established before an unmarried father can assert his parental rights. If paternity is not being contested, it may be established with signatures from both of the parents.

Stay-at-home moms need a postnuptial agreement

While a prenuptial agreement is intended to determine whether you or your partner have rights to certain assets in the event the marriage ends, the postnuptial agreement does the same but with one key difference. A postnuptial agreement is created after your marriage has already taken place, and this type of document is growing in popularity in America, particularly among stay-at-home moms. Here are key reasons why.

Putting children first in divorce cases

North Carolina parents who are divorcing should put their children's needs ahead of their own. While it is important for people to take care of themselves, handling their children's needs is more important. When parents put their children ahead of themselves, their children are likelier to be better adjusted and to handle the divorce more easily.

How to choose an executor for your estate

Unless you want a stranger determining how your assets are allocated after your passing, it is wise to create a will that dictates your wishes when you are unable to do so. An important consideration after creating the will involves who to name as executor, or the person in charge of seeing that your affairs are in order and your assets are appropriately allocated in your absence.

Personal electronic information and divorce

Individuals in North Carolina who are considering getting a divorce should be aware that it may be likely their online activity and electronic communication could be reviewed the other party's attorney. Unless an individual takes certain measures, texts messages, posts on Facebook, Instagram pictures, emails, Tweets and more can be used against him or her during divorce settlement negotiations.

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