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Shared physical custody is gaining popularity

There has been an emerging trend toward shared child custody arrangements for divorced parents. Historically, North Carolina family courts would most often award primary physical custody to the mother, with the father being given visitation rights on weekends or pursuant to another schedule. This is slowly changing.

Requirements for deducting alimony payments

North Carolina estranged couples who have concerns about how a divorce may affect their tax obligations should be aware of a decision by the United States Tax Court. The ruling established that simply giving money to an ex-spouse does not meet the criteria for an alimony deduction. It must be included in a legal separation or divorce agreement.

Child support agreements

North Carolina parents who are divorcing will likely have to deal with the issue of child support during the proceedings. They can choose to work with one another and come to an agreement, take part in alternative dispute resolution proceedings or litigate the issue with the judge making the final determination.

What you should know about alimony

For North Carolina couples embarking upon the divorce process, alimony figures among the numerous concerns they now face. People want to know if they will have to pay alimony or, conversely, if they may be entitled to receive payments.

Nesting concept can ease divorce transition for children

North Carolina parents who are going through a divorce could consider the concept of nesting for reducing the disturbance to the lives of their children, at least in the near term. A nesting arrangement allows children to continue to live in the family home, and the separated parents take turns living there and providing child care.

How parents can prepare children for divorce

North Carolina parents who are ending their marriage should communicate with their children about an impending divorce. Children will know that something is wrong, and talking to them about it gives them the opportunity to ask questions and express their fears. This is also a good time for parents to reassure their children that they are not responsible for the situation and that their parents will still be there for them. Parents should try to present a unified front for their children, and if children do not talk about the divorce, parents should ask them how they are feeling about it.

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