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What to know about going through a divorce

North Carolina estranged couples can use the formal divorce process to set the terms for the end of their marriages. In most cases, it will be used to determine who gets to keep property that was accumulated during the marriage. While the property division process is not always equal, courts like to make it as equitable as possible. Separate property is usually retained by the party who brought it into the marriage.

How a legal separation differs from divorce

Some North Carolina couples who are splitting up might decide they want a legal separation instead of a divorce. A couple might also want a legal separation while they decide whether or not they want to go through with a divorce. A legal separation has many of the same elements as a divorce including child custody and visitation. Child and spousal support may also be involved, but when there is a legal separation instead of a divorce, they are sometimes referred to as separation maintenance.

3 reasons why you might need alimony

Divorce is often expensive in and of itself. You will need to find a new place to live, hire a lawyer and take time attending to the demands of the situation. Expense will be a particularly concerning topic for any spouse whose ex supported him or her. For this individual, a separation could spell personal and financial instability. These are situations in which alimony might be the right solution.

Amicable divorce myths, pitfalls for the unwary

While an attractive proposition for a divorcing couple in Charlotte, an amicable end of a marriage is not always to the benefit of both parties. Whether through a no-fault divorce or an uncontested finding of fault, one or both spouses could end up with a lopsided property division. The couple may end up returning to court as well to revisit orders.

American fathers and parenting

Fathers in North Carolina and the rest of the nation have been taking a more significant role in the care of their children and in completing chores in the home. While the number of single and stay-at-home fathers has been increasing over the last few decades, a rising number of children are becoming adults without having lived with a father.

Deciding whether to file taxes jointly with a prenup

Many couples sign pre- or postnuptial agreements in order to keep their finances separate and their assets clearly delineated. Such agreements are typically beneficial for both parties, but there can be complications and questions that arise when you and your spouse are not sharing your finances entirely. One of the most common issues is deciding how to complete your taxes in light of your prenup.

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