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Predictors of a North Carolina divorce

Although marriage is considered to be sacred, the fact is that about 50 percent of all marriages will end in divorce. There are several risk factors that scientists have determined can be predictors.

One risk factor is getting married before the age of 20 or after the age of 32. Further, the age difference between two spouses can also be a factor. Studies have found that a one-year difference in ages makes a couple 3 percent more likely to divorce. Couples with a five-year difference make couples 18 percent more likely to end the marriage. Along with age, not finishing high school can be a risk factor for divorce. The more education spouses have, the less likely they are to split.

Another risk factor for divorce is being overly affectionate when still newlyweds. While newlyweds should certainly feel affectionate towards each other, it was found that those who displayed about one-third more affection than other couples were more likely to be divorced within seven years. On the other end, showing contempt for a spouse is also a predictor for divorce as this indicates that the couple no longer gets along.

Although some individuals go through divorce amicably, others experience difficult divorce legal issues, especially if the former couple has amassed a number of assets. Before the assets can be divided, a family law attorney could provide a valuation of the assets that were obtained during the marriage, including the family home, the car and other highly valuable property. If the couple cannot come to an agreement regarding the division of their property, mediation might be a solution.

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