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Divorce and living together before marriage

North Carolina couples may be interested in a recent study indicating that couples who decide to cohabitate before getting married have a higher chance of getting a divorce. The study examines the premarital cohabitation effect, a topic that has been the subject of research by social scientists for many years; it is considered to be a real phenomenon in that two people who reside together before marriage tend to have more complications during marriage.

How parents can guide their children through divorce

Separated parents in North Carolina may be able to take steps to help their children through the process of divorce. First, parents should try as much as possible to avoid disrupting the child's routine. Even if exes do not agree on all aspects of parenting, they can still strive for consistency in certain areas. Furthermore, as long as parents do not fear that the other parent's decisions are causing the child harm, they should be supportive or at least neutral about them.

Tips for taking that important first step to estate planning

No matter your age or your marital status, you should begin thinking about estate planning at some point in your life. Whether you work for a company, a nonprofit organization or have a business of your own, consider the benefits of preparing a will or documents such as health care directives.

The link between wealth and divorce

North Carolina residents may appreciate the role money plays in a relationship. According to a SunTrust Bank survey, 35 percent of respondents said that money was the primary issues in their relationship. According to the Federal Reserve Board, a relationship was more likely to end when the parties to it had wildly different credit scores. Of course, making a significant amount of money each year doesn't guarantee a person is financially secure.

Child support and buying a home

North Carolina residents who owe back child support and are looking to purchase a home may be concerned about whether their delinquent child support payments will hinder their efforts to be a homeowner. They should be aware that delinquent child support can qualify as a derogatory credit issue, which can lower the likelihood that they will be approved for a mortgage. However, they may have other options as there are loan programs that do not disqualify applicants because of child support arrearage.

3 steps to making a financial recovery after divorce

Ending your marriage is one of the most life-altering actions you can take, and the process can significantly impact your finances. Divorcing your spouse undoubtedly has an effect on your day-to-day lifestyle as well. Dividing property, legal costs and living on a single income can all wreak havoc on your financial stability.

Financial planning for a later-in-life divorce

Older spouses in North Carolina considering divorce may be concerned about the financial impacts of ending a marriage. More Americans are divorcing at older ages than in the past. While the divorce rate has flattened out or even declined across all demographic groups, the opposite is true for people age 50 and older. Their divorce rate has doubled since the 1990s, a trend that shows no sign of stopping. While people in second or third marriages or those who have been married for a shorter period are at a higher risk of divorce, the "gray divorce" trend has also affected couples who have been married for decades.

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