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What is discernment counseling and does it prevent divorce?

When people start to drift apart, it often has to do with communication. It’s normal for most people to not expect too much in terms of emotional information from others, but couples are intimately bonded. When you start to disagree about the very nature of your relationship, you may be thinking divorce is the only answer.

  • What are the alternatives?

There are ways to avoid the stereotypical nasty divorce with a lot of arguments and court appearances because that rarely happens anymore anyway. Divorce courts may order or recommended counseling to see if people can solve any differences regarding the division of assets or child care without escalating conflicts.

  • What about avoiding divorce entirely?

If people spot their communication problems early and they are open to fixing them, then discernment counseling may help. This specialized counseling includes joint sessions as well as individual sessions with a counselor so an objective person can study the differences of opinion and perspective.

  • How is this supposed to help?

People often end up with different images of the same reality, especially when their emotions get the best of them. Discernment counseling is a way of getting valuable insight into your own behaviors as well as the actions and reactions of a spouse.

  • What if this doesn’t help matters?

If a divorce seems likely, or the possibility is strong enough to consider it, it may be time to discuss the matter with lawyer. An attorney can help paint a picture for life during and after divorce, as well as fight for your vision in court or mediation.

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