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Should you file for divorce in January?

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2020 | Divorce

January has the reputation of being the prime month for divorce. Yet, just because you have had a bad few weeks does not mean a January divorce is right for you.

 The holiday season can be trying for married couples

It is crucial to remember that the holiday season is not representative of the whole year. Here are some of the unique issues that can occur during those few weeks of the year:

  • Lack of personal space: Many couples function better when they have individual routines and spend time apart each day. You may have put those routines aside during Christmas and deprived each other of the space you need.
  • Lack of a creative outlet: If your spouse spends their days perfecting products at work, do not be surprised if they turn their attention to minor details such as how you wrap the presents or lay the table. Once they return to work, they may be too tired to notice such details at home.
  • Lack of exercise: If the days have been cold and rainy, you and your spouse may not have been out getting the activity you usually do. Exercise improves well-being and mood. If you cannot get out to blow away your stresses, you might take them out on each other. Things may improve once the weather gets better.

Being fully informed is critical when considering divorce. An experienced attorney can explain more about the divorce process and all its legal implications. Once you understand all that is involved, you can make a clear decision as to whether to go ahead with filing for divorce, whether to give your marriage one last chance.

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