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Does your parenting plan cover all the major custody issues?

If you and your spouse want to make your divorce easier on your kids, you may try to arrange your own settlement outside of court. If you collaborate, you may be able to file an uncontested divorce.

Not only can you avoid the expense and emotional turmoil of divorce litigation, but you can also maintain personal control over the outcome of the divorce, instead of handing over all decision-making authority to a judge. You will have to figure out how to split up your property with your ex. You will also need to create a parenting plan that will help the two of you share custody.

Before you finalize your parenting plan and submit it to the courts, it’s important to review it and make sure you address all of the major issues.

How will you split parenting time and authority?

In North Carolina, judges can assign both parenting time or physical custody and decision-making power or legal custody to divorcing parents. It is common for parents to share both forms of custody, but you will have to decide what split of parenting time and shared custody Arrangements will be appropriate for your family.

Not only do you want to include timing rules and expectations about custody exchanges, but it will likely also be in your best interests to address holidays, school vacations and other deviations from your daily norm.

What happens when one parent needs to reschedule?

Creating a specific way for you to address scheduling changes is important. Many parents choose to use a parenting app so that any adjustments to their plan will all be in one place and have a written record that both parents can review.

What happens when the parents have a significant disagreement?

Even happily married couples frequently disagree about the right way to discipline or when a child is old enough to play sports or start dating. The chances are good that the two of you will eventually disagree about parenting issues and may have other conflicts. Putting rules in place for communication during conflict and also suggestions for how to resolve disagreements and help the two of you maintain an amicable co-parenting relationship.

The more you prepare for shared custody when you draft your parenting plan, the fewer problems you will have to handle in the future.