Helping Clients Navigate A Course To A Better Future

Success Stories

“The workshop has given me a positive outlook, a strong support group and a great deal of hope for my future. I have loved every minute of it, even when it was very painful. I am more at peace and accepting of my situation and I do not feel as angry and resentful as before. I am looking towards the future with high hopes and enthusiasm.”


“This workshop has had a profound effect on my life and finally gotten me to search my soul to find out who I really am. The joy that I feel is truly remarkable and with faith and hope I get stronger every day. I can’t thank you and the ‘gang’ enough.”


“The workshop helped me move forward with my life. It was very helpful to be able to ask questions and get feedback from the group. It was helpful to have people who were at different stages in the divorce process. This gives you an idea of where your emotions have been and where they are headed. I have kept my head high and maintained my self-respect even though it was very difficult in the beginning. Thank you Marsha for helping us and letting us know that a future does await each one of us.”


“For me, this workshop has been an incredible success. I was able to wade through the anger and resentment and develop a more accepting and gracious attitude towards my divorce. The workshop topics were instrumental in allowing me to deal with issues in my own time. There was definitely a sense of layering and peeling away of the old hurts and scars allowing us to get to the real issues. This was such a blessing to me, not always fun, but definitely valuable. Thank you.”


“Thank you for your patience and vision to push me beyond so many points where I could have stopped and stayed. None of these places or attitudes would have serviced me for what is ahead. I am still healing; I may be healing the rest of my life. I do know that my faith, my focus and my life are so much more on track than they have been for decades. That is success.”