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What should you expect in family court?

When divorce becomes a reality, it is often unanticipated, especially by first-time spouses. You may be reeling, with little else to reference against your experience than movies about screaming parents and awkward relationships between stepchildren. But this was never really the way divorces often went in North Carolina and elsewhere in the country, and it is even less so now.

Why go to family court in North Carolina?

Civil courts have been around for centuries as a way of helping people solve disputes that are not criminal complaints. Family court, however, is a relatively new creation by the judicial system. Operating as part of or along similar lines to a civil court, family courts are there to resolve specific issues for people and their children.

Greensboro family faces nightmare after botched immigration

Laws can break families apart. Although family courts must act in the best interests of children and others who cannot speak for themselves, laws can seem coldly deferential to parents and other concerned parties. That is why lawyers must sometimes work to keep families together.

Earnings difference increases divorce risk

Over the past several decades, women in North Carolina and around the country have made great strides within the workforce. As a result, it is generally excepted that women will contribute to the household income after marriage. However, recent studies have shown that as income is valued within a marriage, if the wife's salary exceeds that of her husband, their relationship may suffer. In fact, statistics show a 33% increase in divorce among such couples.

What courts may consider "income" for support purposes

People in North Carolina who are getting a divorce and who expect to pay spousal or child support might wonder how courts calculate what that payment will be. A court will generally look at all sources of income and make a decision that is intended to keep the family at a lifestyle level similar to the one they had during the marriage.

The link between attractiveness and divorce

For the most part, individuals in North Carolina tend to marry or enter into relationships with those who are roughly the same level of attractiveness. This can be a good thing as those who marry people who are more attractive than they are could be at a higher risk of divorce. There are two main reasons for this, according to researchers.

How parents can guide their children through divorce

Separated parents in North Carolina may be able to take steps to help their children through the process of divorce. First, parents should try as much as possible to avoid disrupting the child's routine. Even if exes do not agree on all aspects of parenting, they can still strive for consistency in certain areas. Furthermore, as long as parents do not fear that the other parent's decisions are causing the child harm, they should be supportive or at least neutral about them.

Child support and buying a home

North Carolina residents who owe back child support and are looking to purchase a home may be concerned about whether their delinquent child support payments will hinder their efforts to be a homeowner. They should be aware that delinquent child support can qualify as a derogatory credit issue, which can lower the likelihood that they will be approved for a mortgage. However, they may have other options as there are loan programs that do not disqualify applicants because of child support arrearage.

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