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Buying Or Selling Real Estate

The purchase of your home or rental property is one of the biggest and most important purchases you will ever make. Making sure all your legal ducks are in a row prior to signing your name on the closing documents is an important step in preventing future problems. Retaining the services of experienced legal counsel can help you ensure everything goes according to plan.

At Kennedy Law Associates, our attorneys can guide you through this process and make sure your residential real estate closing goes smoothly in Charlotte and surrounding areas of North Carolina.

What Happens At Closing?

“Closing” is usually discussed in the context of the closing date. People look forward to that day so they can get the keys and start moving in or making improvements to their new dwelling. Legally speaking, there’s far more to closing than simply signing some forms and picking up the keys.

At a real estate closing the deed is transferred, mortgage documents are signed, outstanding tax issues are resolved and closing costs (deed stamps, title insurance, real estate taxes, etc.) are paid. Making sure everything is accurate before signing your name on the line can save you significant money and legal headaches in the future. It is worth making sure your transaction is handled correctly the first time so you can make sure it’s the only time.

Your Home Is Too Important To Risk By Going It Alone

Many home-related projects are do-it-yourself friendly; protecting your rights at closing is not one of them. Having an experienced attorney on your side can make all the difference. Call 704-512-0619 or contact us online to arrange your initial consultation.