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The relative speed of the divorce process

If you and your spouse have recently decided to divorce, you may be concerned about the amount of time it will take to resolve your case. If your divorce progresses too quickly, you may feel that you will not have enough time to resolve important matters before you transition into single life. If your divorce moves too slowly, you may be worried about the cost that a long process will inspire.

Think about avoiding social media during your divorce process

Social media is increasingly attempting to connect everyone in American society. It is now relatively rare to meet an American adult who does not regularly access at least one social media account. However, it is important to understand that posting on social media can have serious consequences. This is particularly true when individuals choose to access social media at especially vulnerable times in their lives.

Divorce basics at a glance

It is important to understand that while the emotional process of divorce is almost always complex, the legal aspects of the divorce process do not need to be. Unless you and your spouse fundamentally disagree on matters of property division or child custody, it is possible to achieve a relatively straightforward divorce settlement.

The benefits of having a prenuptial agreement

When North Carolina residents are planning a wedding, a prenuptial agreement might seem like something they are never going to need. Most people getting married don't plan on getting divorced, and many with relatively few assets or low incomes may think that prenups are only for the wealthy. However, having one could be a wise idea for all couples, regardless of their finances or their confidence in their relationship.

College savings and property division issues in divorce

Although good planning for college can be a positive element of one's parenting style, some North Carolina divorces can create challenges for parents who have saved carefully for their children's higher education expenses. Property division typically brings attention to all assets and debts held by parents, which includes special savings accounts for the education of their children. It is important to understand the implications as these assets are divided in a divorce agreement.

How a court makes a decision regarding alimony

Some North Carolina residents who are getting a divorce might want to try to get an award of alimony. Others might be asked to pay it. Alimony might be paid for a limited time or indefinitely. In considering whether to award alimony, how much and for how long, the court takes a number of factors into consideration.

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