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What Questions Should You Ask Before Getting A Divorce?

Here are some questions to ask before getting a divorce:

Finding The Best Way Forward

Deciding to divorce is rarely easy. A failing marriage often leads to emotional strain and hard feelings that can cloud your judgment. What impact will divorce have on your life?

At Kennedy Law Associates, we recommend that our Charlotte clients ask themselves the following questions as they start the divorce process:

Can You Still Communicate With Your Spouse?

If your marriage is ending on amicable terms, mediation or collaborative divorce could be right for you. Divorce need not end in a courtroom battle. By finding ways to reach agreement outside of court, you hold onto the decision-making and can find a solution that is right for your family.

These paths forward are generally only viable if both parties approach negotiations with the right mindset, such as doing what is in the best interest of the children.

How Will You Resolve Child Custody?

It is impossible to know exactly how your children will react during the divorce process. There could be shock, fear and feelings of loss as you separate households and change schedules. Getting off to a good co-parenting relationship often requires working on a specific plan.

If your initial attempts to discuss custody lead to fights that go nowhere, you may need to involve an attorney to reach a resolution. An attorney can protect your right to continue a strong relationship with your children.

Do You Have Business Interests That Might Be Affected?

If you and your spouse co-own a business, it is important to consider the impact that a divorce could have on your enterprise. The options available may not be ideal and you will have tough decisions about remaining in business together, offering a buyout package or potentially selling the business.

Will A Prenuptial Agreement Hold Up?

When you draft a prenuptial agreement, you are taking steps to protect your assets should your marriage not work out. While this can be a sound financial tactic, it will prove effective only if the document holds up in court. If the agreement was signed involuntarily or a judge decides it is grossly unfair, it may not be enforceable. A North Carolina divorce attorney can review your prenup to pinpoint any vulnerabilities.

Our Firm Can Help You Take The Next Step

As you are going through the decision-making process, please consult our Divorce Resources page for valuable books and articles that can help you determine the best path forward. Schedule your initial domestic consultation to develop a strategy that might avoid unnecessary conflict. Call Kennedy Law Associates before anything else at 704-512-0619.

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