Helping Clients Navigate A Course To A Better Future

Identify Options For How Best To Move Forward

At Kennedy Law Associates, located in South Charlotte (serving Mecklenburg, Union and the surrounding counties), we can help you identify the next steps to take and many of the common mistakes to avoid. You will benefit from these insights regardless of whether you choose to retain our firm to handle your separation, divorce, child custody matters, or other family matters.

During an initial domestic consultation, we not only listen to your life concerns but we will identify various options for moving forward that take into consideration your vision of the next chapters of your life. By talking with us, you will get a clear sense of what legal options are available and how best to move forward in light of your unique circumstances.

Avoiding Mistakes You Might Regret

When going through a divorce or other conflict, it’s easy to make costly mistakes during such an emotional time. Indeed, letting emotions rule your decisions often leads to decisions that may make you feel better in the short term but may not benefit you in the long term.

Managing your emotions during this process is one of the most important challenges you will face. As part of our counsel, we can help you gauge the proper timing of events to help ensure you are completely confident in your decision-making process.

Our lawyers can also help you determine which legal avenues best fit your goals. Divorce often involves high conflict and the division of complex assets. We will help you achieve your goals in the right time and in your family’s best interest.

Paying For A Consultation

Why is it crucial to get personalized advice from the start? A form document or a Google search provides a generic answer. Neither will explain your rights fully nor what you may be giving up by agreeing to a settlement too quickly. Paperwork from initial filings to a final decree is also only one part of the puzzle. Too often our attorneys see potential clients who have already signed legal documents but are unaware of what they actually done.

The cost of a consultation is a small investment in your future. We encourage you to make sure you fully understand all your rights and options before you move forward or sign any documents.

Our Value Proposition

In responding to your unique circumstances, our attorneys rely on an in-depth knowledge of North Carolina law and years of practical experience to provide individualized counsel. We have mediated and resolved many cases through collaboration and cooperation. The reasons to hire our firm include our legal skills and our passion for top quality work.

We pride ourselves on our knowledge and experience working with clients who have complex assets and liabilities such as C-level executives, medical professionals and business owners. Attorney Marsha Kennedy takes a deep dive into the numbers to find and identify assets that others might miss to ensure a fair property division and support awards. In addition to her years counseling North Carolina families in family law disputes, she brings her background as a financial planner and as in-house counsel for two major insurance companies.

If Things Are Only Getting Worse

Schedule your initial domestic consultation with us by calling 704-512-0619 or by sending us an email. The fee is $300 per hour and is prorated for the time you actually spend with one of our attorneys. We look forward to meeting with you and helping move you towards a resolution of your current situation, so you may begin your journey towards a brighter future.

When you leave this initial consultation, you will have a clear sense of the legal options that are available and how best to move forward in light of your unique circumstances.