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Litigating a family dispute often becomes a long, expensive and painful process. Emotions run high, and both sides can end up losing what matters most to them and spending money they need for other things. At Kennedy Law Associates, we help our clients in North Carolina find a different path.

Our attorneys are committed to helping you through difficult family situations in the most efficient, respectful way possible — often through mediation and/or collaborative law. By giving both sides a say in the creation of an agreement, we foster an environment where everyone is more likely to walk away in a position they can live with. With more than 25 years of combined experience, we strive to help our clients resolve disputes with dignity.

Our practice focuses on resolving issues that affect families, including:

We Are Here To Support You

We promote alternatives to litigation in family disputes, but we also understand that not every situation can be resolved that way. Some cases require a traditional adversarial approach — and we are up to the task. We have the knowledge and experience to take your case to court or arbitration if necessary.

As one of the few Charlotte area law firms exclusively devoted to family law, we are uniquely qualified to help you protect your family’s interests. Whether you would like to try a collaborative solution or take your case before a Judge or arbitrator, we are here to guide and support you.

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