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American fathers and parenting

Fathers in North Carolina and the rest of the nation have been taking a more significant role in the care of their children and in completing chores in the home. While the number of single and stay-at-home fathers has been increasing over the last few decades, a rising number of children are becoming adults without having lived with a father.

A 2015 Pew Research Center survey found that nearly the same number of fathers and mothers viewed parenting as an essential part of their identity. Fifty-four percent of fathers also enjoyed the advantages of being a parent, compared to 52 percent of mothers.

Fathers were found to have spent an average of seven hours each week on child care in 2015, which is nearly triple the amount of time fathers reported in 1965. The survey found that the number of hours that fathers dedicated each week to household chores in 2015 rose to nine hours from four hours back in 1965.

Many people believed that mothers are better suited than fathers to take care of children. Just 1 percent of Americans stated that fathers can care for children better than mothers. About 45 percent of the respondents said that fathers and mothers do an equally good job, however.

Parents might want to consult a family law attorney for assistance with resolving child custody disputes. The attorney may use negotiations to obtain favorable settlement terms for visitation rights, parenting time or relocation requests. The attorney may also engage in litigation to get results.