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Divorce may be the only option in some cases

Married couples in North Carolina and around the country are sometimes able to salvage relationships that may seem beyond repair to their friends and family members, and even betrayals like acts of adultery can be overcome when spouses still have affection for one another and work together to solve their problems. However, there are situations where the behavior of one or both of the spouses involved becomes so toxic and destructive that divorce is the only viable option.

Substance abuse problems can be overcome when addicts accept that a problem exists and are willing to reach out for help, but people who refuse to listen to those who care about them can become resentful and even violent. Turning away from a loved one who has fallen into a pattern of self-destructive behavior by filing for divorce can be extremely difficult and emotionally draining, but taking action may provide substance abusers with the impetus they need to reevaluate their decisions and get their lives back on track.

Heated arguments are common in marriage even when coupes are loyal and devoted, but no spouse should be expected to endure physical abuse or verbal harassment. Relationships that turn violent rarely recover, and spouses who are mistreated may be wise to file for divorce sooner rather than later. Staying together to protect children from the trauma of divorce can also have unintended consequences, and research has discovered that children who grow up in unhappy homes often go on to have unhappy relationships in their adult lives.

Experienced family law attorneys will generally urge divorcing spouses to put their differences aside and negotiate amicably, but they may recommend a more direct approach when their clients are in danger of suffering physical or emotional harm. In these situations, attorneys may petition courts to issue protective orders, and they could also prepare their clients for the possibility of long and contentious legal battles.