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Joint custody often produces better outcomes for children

Divorcing parents in North Carolina want what’s best for their children. When it comes to child custody, many couples have questions about the arrangements for their kids. While mothers are often awarded full custody, there is a lot of evidence to support the fact that dads are just as important as moms.

Studies prove that shared parenting should be the standard for children of all ages. Previous warnings that were given about infants and toddlers spending overnight time in the care of their fathers have proven to be inconsistent with new understandings in child development. In cases where neither parent is neglectful or abusive, joint legal and physical custody is usually recommended.

Children in shared parenting and joint custody arrangements tend to have superior outcomes than those in sole custody arrangements. Studies show that joint-custody kids have better physical/emotional health and academic success. They also have better relationships with their parents and others. Even in cases where there is much conflict between parents in joint custody situations, the children still do better than when in sole custody.

Shared parenting protects the parent-child relationship. In many cases, the father is the noncustodial parent. If the dad only gets to see their kids a few times a month, the relationship could fade over time.

A divorcing parent could contact a family law attorney when dealing with questions about child custody. Legal counsel could draw up documents, like visitation schedules, represent their client in a child custody hearing and advise their client on many issues that may arise during the divorce process.