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Why do so many people put off long-term planning?

It’s not always easy to think about the future. It can be uncomfortable to think about what could happen after your passing and your preferences regarding what will happen to your stuff. However, estate planning is an important step for every adult, regardless of age and income level. No matter your assumptions about your need for long-term planning, it is prudent not to put this process off. 

There are many reasons why someone may delay estate planning. If you do not have a plan or you haven’t looked at your plan in a while, you may not want to put off that process any longer. Life is unpredictable, but with the right protections in place, you can look ahead to the future with confidence that your interests and those of your loved ones are secure.

Don’t put it off

You may think you are too young or too healthy to need an estate plan. Adults of all ages can benefit from the protections provided by these plans because they allow you to decide what type of health care you may want in case of a medical emergency, who can make decisions for you and who you want to care for your kids. These are only some of the reasons that estate planning is important. Common excuses people make for delaying this process include:

  • Some believe that making a plan for the future is actually bad luck, making it more likely that something will happen to them.
  • Others may delay estate planning because their life is busy, and they may not feel like they have the time to sit down and make plans.
  • Adults sometimes feel like they don’t need an estate plan, and they may want to start this process until they are older.

These and other excuses can cause you to delay having what you and your family may need in case of an unexpected situation. It is always prudent to have at least a will and a few basic estate planning documents in place.

Don’t do it alone

Creating an estate plan should not be a do-it-yourself project. You will benefit significantly from having the assistance of a North Carolina attorney who can help you make decisions that are practical for your individual situation. If you are unsure of what plans you need for yourself and your loved ones, you can start by seeking an assessment of your case.