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Marriage and divorce rates are down

People often talk about how divorce rates are actually down in recent years, despite the myth that half of all marriages end in divorce. We now know that couples are more likely to stay together, in large part because they are waiting longer to get married. This is known to lead to greater stability.

One important thing to remember is that marriage rates are also very low. While marriage is still the norm, it used to be expected for nearly everyone. Someone who never got married was an outlier. Today, you have more people than ever before who are choosing not to get married.

Does that have an impact on divorce rates? It certainly could. It speaks to a level of marital satisfaction among couples who do get married.

For instance, someone 50 years ago may have felt a lot of outside pressure to get married. They may have married someone that they actually never wanted to marry just to conform to the social norms. That could lead to an unhappy marriage and a divorce in later years. Today, that person would not feel the same pressure and would not enter into the unhappy marriage in the first place. They would either stay single or wait until they met someone that they actually wanted to marry.

It is interesting to see how culture has changed over the years and what it means for people in all relationships. At the same time, divorce does still happen, and it’s important for those who are going through it to make sure they know their legal rights.