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Creating the right atmosphere for a divorce conversation

If you’re looking for ways to make the divorce conversation with your spouse easier, one key step to take is to create the proper atmosphere. This is a big conversation for you and your spouse, whether you both want a divorce or it’s just something that you’re interested in, and you need to carefully consider every aspect.

So, how do you create that ideal atmosphere? Here are a few steps to take:

  • Find alone time when the children are somewhere else. They could be at school or with a babysitter. It may work to wait until they’re asleep, but that gets harder because you can’t guarantee you won’t get interrupted.
  • Turn off your phone. Don’t just set it aside or put it on mute. Turn it off to show that this is just time for you and your spouse to talk.
  • Don’t do this in the heat of the moment or while you’re angry. Always have this conversation when you’re feeling calm and level-headed.
  • Set the conversation up so that there is no deadline. Even if you think you have enough time — you have an hour until you have to leave for work, for instance — it can still create pressure that you don’t want.
  • Choose a place where you both feel comfortable. If you’re still living together, this is best done in the home. If not, it may be wise to choose a neutral location so that you’re both on even ground.

Now that you know how to set the stage and get started, make sure you also know what legal steps to take as you move forward with the divorce process.