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How to stop grieving and start living after divorce

Grieving is essential and natural when your marriage ends. However, spending too much time dwelling on the past is counterproductive. You need to start focusing on the future.

What steps can I take to move forward with life post-divorce?

Divorce is a chance to create a new life on your terms. Here are some ideas to help you begin the change:

  • Get out of the house: As tempting as it can be to stay in bed and watch old romantic movies, it does not help you move forward. When you step outside, you will see that the world continues to turn.
  • Phone a friend: It is good to talk. Whether you choose a friend who has already been through a divorce themselves or one who makes you laugh, friends are there to help each other through difficult times.
  • Do all those things you couldn’t before: If you never went to the local vegan restaurant because your spouse was a meat fiend, take advantage. You are free to make your own choices now.
  • Make use of your time: Maybe you no longer need to have dinner on the table at six each evening. Or perhaps you no longer need to spend your Saturdays mowing the lawn. Use this new-found time to take up new pursuits. Learning new skills or focusing on new projects creates forward momentum for your life and helps you break with the past.

  • Meet new people:
    Being part of a couple can limit your social circle. While filling your phone full of dating apps might not be the best idea, it’s important to remember that the world is full of kind and interesting people.

The sooner you get started with your divorce, the sooner you can advance with your new life post-divorce.