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Putting yourself first after divorce can benefit your child

Social pressures can be overwhelming after giving birth. When other moms appear to sacrifice everything for their baby, you might feel guilty for finding the time to look after yourself. The same can happen after divorce. It can leave you feeling that you need to put your child first in everything you do. Yet failing to look after yourself will not do your child any favors.

Good parenting requires healthy parents

To have the energy and enthusiasm to be a good parent, sometimes you need to put yourself first and your child second. Here are some ways you can do that:

  • Make time to be alone: It can be tempting to devote all your spare time to your child, to make up for the fact the other parent is not around. Yet, you need your downtime too. You are not a bad parent if you tell your son or daughter to occupy themself for half an hour.
  • Maintain a social life: Putting your child in the after school club or dropping them at their aunt’s so that you can catch up with friends for a few hours is not abandoning them. The break will do you both good.
  • Treat yourself occasionally: Money can be tight when you’re running a household alone. However, the odd treat can do wonders for your spirit. Some, such as a walk in the park or a long bath, do not cost money.

Sharing physical custody can give you the space you need as well as reducing the financial burden. Divorce is a challenging time for a child and they will need extra care and attention from you. However, if you are completely frazzled and at your wit’s end, you will not be in the best position to help them. Divorce is difficult for you too. Make allowances for that.