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Vacation plans can bring child custody challenges

Family vacations are incredibly important. They may be one of the few occasions where you as a parent can give your child your full and undivided attention. They can be a chance to forget the responsibilities and routines of work and everyday life and have fun and new experiences together. Vacations are just as important after divorce.

Vacations may mean changes to your parenting schedule

Here are a few things to bear in mind when your ex says they want to take your child away:

  • Be flexible: It can be hard to align time off work with time off school and reasonably priced times to travel. If the other parent wants to take your child away for a week, insisting they stick to your pre-agreed parenting schedule could create resentment from them and your child.
  • Be happy for your child: Jealousy can creep in when your ex has a new partner, especially if they are financially better off than you. If your child gets a chance to go on the sort of vacation that you could not afford to give them, be happy for them. Show a genuine interest in how it was when they return, even if the last thing you want is to see holiday pictures of your ex with their new partner.

When making a child custody agreement, it is essential to plan how holidays will work. However, situations can change. If you struggle to reach an agreement with the other parent over vacations, consider going to mediation. Sometimes an impartial third party can help both parties focus on the most important issue — the well-being of your child.