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April 2016 Archives

Getting back to the basics: A closer look at child support in North Carolina

One of the very real concerns for newly divorced parents awarded primary physical custody of their children is whether they'll be able to make ends meet now that they are essentially a single-income household. While spousal support can help with some of this unease, the divorced parent will likely still need more to cover the myriad of expenses that come with raising children.

Protect yourself with a prenup

Prenuptial agreements (also known as "premarital agreements" or simply "prenups") often get a bad rap. They are sometimes seen as a way for a much wealthier spouse to unfairly shield assets from a poorer spouse in the event of a divorce. In this way they are viewed much less as protective and much more as punitive legal documents. For the vast majority of couples signing prenups before marriage, however, nothing could be farther from the truth.

How the marital home can become a major issue in any divorce

When it comes to the issue of property division, divorcing spouses are frequently willing and able to work toward mutually acceptable solutions. However, there is at least one marital asset that can prove problematic for even those couples on the best of terms: the martial home.

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