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Judge leaning towards joint custody in Ciara and Future case

North Carolina fans of Ciara or Future might be interested in learning that the judge in their custody battle is reportedly leaning towards granting Future’s request for joint legal custody. Sources indicate that Ciara requested sole custody of their 2-year-old son.

Ciara allegedly showed up in court claiming that Future is a bad parent who is not present in his son’s life. The judge apparently didn’t accept her arguments and instead appears to be leaning towards the arguments made by Future instead.

Courts generally tend towards awarding joint legal custody. This means that both parents must work together to make the major decisions affecting their child’s life, including for such things as education, religion and medical care. Ciara and Future’s son is Ciara’s first child and Future’s fourth. Ciara is engaged to the Seattle Seahawks star quarterback Russell Wilson.

In every child custody case, courts make their decisions according to what they believe to be in the best interest of the child. Judges consider a number of different factors when determining the type of custody arrangement to order. A parent may want to talk to a family law attorney about what to expect if the matter goes to trial. The attorney might suggest that attending mediation sessions or attempting to negotiate a parenting agreement would each be a preferable alternative in terms of time and expense as well as results. Many parents are happier when they are able to reach child custody and visitation agreements on their own instead of letting the court make the decision that may leave both dissatisfied.

Source: Jezebel, “Ciara and Future are reportedly headed toward joint custody of baby Future,” Julianne Shepherd, May 17, 2016