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Divorcing over politics

While many North Carolina couples decide to get a divorce due to incompatibility or finances, data shows that some are doing so over disagreements regarding politics. According to the study, approximately 10 percent of divorcing couples listed their reason for divorce as political disagreements.

Additionally, the study also found that 22 percent of Americans personally know a couple whose relationship has taken a hit due to the 2016 election of Donald Trump. Twenty-four percent of those who were in a relationship reported that they have had more disagreements about politics than ever before. An attorney based out of New York agreed with the study, stating that political disagreements were leading to relationship woes like never before. The attorney said that she was frequently working out postnuptial and separation agreements between couples who were in disagreements over political views.

People can decide to divorce their spouse for any reason, including political disagreements. Couples will have to make property division decisions on their own through negotiations or with the help of a mediator if they don’t want to leave it up to a judge.

If an estranged couple wishes to separate, obtaining a separation agreement can make the eventual divorce process simpler. In general, a separation agreement allows the former couple to work out parenting arrangements, spousal support and property division. Once the separation is over, the former couple may use the separation agreement as a basis for the divorce settlement, allowing both former spouses to move on quickly and without having to rehash divorce matters.