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Unemployment increases risk of being divorced

Many factors cause couples in North Carolina to split, and financial problems contribute to marital strain. A study conducted by a Harvard University sociology professor and published in 2016 identified the unemployment of a husband as an issue that could cause the wife to file for divorce. Statistically, over the course of any year, a man without a full-time job has a 3.3 percent chance of getting divorced. Men with full-time work get divorced at a rate of 2.5 percent.

The study found that the employment status of husbands factored into divorce rates in recent years more than in the mid-70s. The professor tracked data for over 6,300 marriages over the course of 46 years. Increased job opportunities for women and a reduction in social stigma contributed to the increase in divorces in the 1970s, but the persistent social expectation that a man be the breadwinner of a family adds to the divorce rate now.

When the male partner fails to produce income, life becomes more difficult for the spouses. Bills can be hard to pay on time, and a declining credit rating sometimes impedes the ability to apply for loans or obtain affordable automobile insurance.

A person who decides to file for divorce might benefit from advice and information provided by an attorney. One of the more contentious issues resulting from the end of a marriage is the division of marital assets and debts. Instead of having a judge make this decision after lengthy and costly litigation, some couples ask their respective attorneys to assist in negotiating a settlement agreement.