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What to know about going through a divorce

North Carolina estranged couples can use the formal divorce process to set the terms for the end of their marriages. In most cases, it will be used to determine who gets to keep property that was accumulated during the marriage. While the property division process is not always equal, courts like to make it as equitable as possible. Separate property is usually retained by the party who brought it into the marriage.

It may also be necessary for one person to pay spousal support to the other party to the marriage. Whether or not spousal support will be part of a divorce depends on each person’s financial needs and ability to pay. If a prenuptial agreement exists, it may determine whether alimony is paid. Those who have children may be required to pay child support based on state or other relevant guidelines.

Obviously, a divorce agreement does not guarantee that a couple will have a relationship after the marriage ends. It also does not act as a means to punish anyone going through the end of a marriage. Couples who have children are urged to take actions that uphold their best interests regardless of how they may feel about the divorce or the child’s other parent after it is completed.

A person who is going through a divorce may be dealing with many different emotions. In some cases, it may be a good idea to have an attorney review settlement proposals in an objective manner. This may make it easier to resolve the matter in a favorable manner in terms of property division and parental rights.