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Child custody in North Carolina

Statistics show that eight out of 10 judges award sole custody to mothers when custody disputes are brought to court. This might seem like a win for mothers; however, issues could emerge. Some women eventually find that while they won the custody battle, it came at the price of career advancement and financial independence.

Shared parenting is a possible solution to this imbalance. This option is an arrangement where both parents spend as close to equal time as possible with their children after a divorce or separation. Shared parenting allows women to have a lot more flexibility and opportunity to meet the demands of a career. Since it treats fathers and mothers equally, some say that it’s more in accord with the demands and expectations of a modern society.

Research published by the American Psychological Association shows strong support for equal time between parents in the parenting of young children. Men also find that shared parenting works for them as the limited contact they are normally allowed with their children is just not enough. Shared parenting is supposed to be an arrangement that benefits both the parents and children alike.

Fathers have rights similar to those of mothers in regards to parenting. However, courts traditionally favor the mother in cases of divorce. If someone is part of a child custody dispute, they should be aware of their legal rights. A parent can contact a child custody attorney who can examine the case and provide representation in child custody hearings. If the case looks favorable, the lawyer can argue for the client’s ability as a parent.