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Co-parents can work together for their children

Parenting after a divorce or separation can be a difficult situation for North Carolina estranged couples. Even in the most amicable of splits, a co-parenting relationship can be a delicate balance that is affected by the past history of the marriage as well as the best interests of the children.

This is especially true when the co-parenting relationship involves ex-spouses who are difficult to get along with or who remain focused on past aspects of the marriage. In the most serious cases, these kinds of concern can include abuse or addiction, but even in more mundane child custody conflicts, there are some strategies that co-parents can use in order to help keep the focus on the children and move forward.

It is very important for co-parents to decide that the children are the primary focus. This means that the co-parents will stick to discussions about the children and parenting choices rather than rehashing issues from their marriage. It can also mean deliberately avoiding topics or actions that can trigger a negative reaction, especially if these issues are unrelated to the children’s current needs.

It is also important for parents to avoid negative talk about their ex-partner around the children. Anti-disparagement clauses are sometimes included in divorce decrees in order to prevent parental alienation. It can also mean fully encouraging the children to be close to their co-parent and develop their independent relationships with both parents.

It is important for parents who are in a child custody dispute to realize that it is not a battle to be won or lost. Family law attorneys will remind their clients that judges will place the interests of the child first, rather than the hopes or desires of one of the parents.