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Contempt can lead to divorce

Some North Carolina spouses could eventually find themselves facing emotional issues in their marriages. If left to grow, a crisis may lead to divorce. While there are many emotions and behaviors that can negatively impact a marriage, contempt is a particularly dangerous one.

According to experts, when couples show contempt for one another, the relationship begins to fester and can end up in divorce. Contemptuous behavior means one partner feels superior to the other and can only focus on the negative traits of their spouse. Because the behavior is pervasive, contempt can continue to spread and result in general unhappiness for both partners. Sometimes, the contempt is exhibited by both spouses.

One way to combat this, however, is by focusing on the past and the happy memories made together. In addition, spouses can praise their partners for small, positive things and focus on the good traits. Of course, the first step couples must take is to identify when they are falling into contemptuous behavior. If necessary, a couple might even seek outside help to guide them to improve their relationship.

Unfortunately, some couples might not be able to focus on past positive memories. Depending on the cause of the tension, these couples might feel that divorce is the only choice. For people in this type of situation, a family law lawyer might offer guidance and advice about how to proceed with a divorce. Furthermore, legal counsel could provide guidance on how to negotiate a settlement and plan for post-divorce life. A lawyer can also help with representation if court appearances are ever necessary.