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How parents can guide their children through divorce

Separated parents in North Carolina may be able to take steps to help their children through the process of divorce. First, parents should try as much as possible to avoid disrupting the child’s routine. Even if exes do not agree on all aspects of parenting, they can still strive for consistency in certain areas. Furthermore, as long as parents do not fear that the other parent’s decisions are causing the child harm, they should be supportive or at least neutral about them.

Parents should also make sure their children understand that they are loved and not to blame for the divorce. There should be a balance between being honest and not sharing inappropriate information that will put children in the middle of a parental conflict.

Parents who are far away from their children can share experiences like watching a movie or sporting event at the same time to increase the sense of closeness. If one parent is absent altogether, this can create an additional challenge. Parents should avoid the urge to badmouth the parent in front of the child. Instead, they should listen without taking sides to their children expressing their feelings. This gives kids the opportunity to learn to cope with their emotions.

In a divorce, issues around child custody can be among the most emotionally difficult to navigate. Parents should focus on what is best for the kids just as the court does. This can mean parents do not get to spend as much time with their children as they would like, but it is usually good for children to have plenty of time with both parents. Exes might be able to work out creative arrangements for custody and visitation that suit them and their children’s schedules.