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The link between attractiveness and divorce

For the most part, individuals in North Carolina tend to marry or enter into relationships with those who are roughly the same level of attractiveness. This can be a good thing as those who marry people who are more attractive than they are could be at a higher risk of divorce. There are two main reasons for this, according to researchers.

The first reason is that the person who is less attractive may become jealous. This could lead to a shorter relationship that ends poorly. Another reason is that those who are more attractive may not be as devoted to the relationship as they could or should be. This may result in flirting or taking other actions outside of a marriage. However, researchers have found that men who marry a more attractive partner are seen as happier and more attentive to a spouse’s needs. They are also more likely to be helpful in solving problems that their wives may have.

Researchers have also found that a physically mismatched couple has a better chance of keeping their relationship going if they were friends before becoming romantic. This is because looks may matter less as it relates to starting or keeping the relationship intact.

In a divorce, it may be necessary to determine if either party is entitled to spousal support or other assistance. In some cases, an individual may be entitled to a larger share of marital property to maintain his or her lifestyle after the divorce becomes official. Custodial parents may also be given additional assets or financial support to help raise a child on one income as opposed to two. Legal counsel could help a soon-to-be ex with these and other divorce-related issues.