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What wealthy couples can learn about divorce from Jeff Bezos

There are steps that high-asset couples in North Carolina who are ending their marriage can take to make the process less difficult. The world’s richest man, Jeff Bezos, exemplifies this in the statement he released with his wife about their impending divorce that emphasizes cooperation.

This spirit can be important in a divorce that may involve dividing up everything from a business to valuable art collections. Another important element is getting personal, professional and financial priorities in order. People should think about what they want for their families and should continue to maintain social ties. They should also avoid allowing their divorce to interfere with their professional life. Failing to do so could affect the health of a company and could lead to early retirement or termination.

A professional team can help with legal and financial issues. An attorney can discuss whether a person might want to pursue mediation or a collaborative divorce or go into litigation. Financial professionals and therapists might also be helpful. People rarely get exactly what they ask for in a divorce, but they should consider what they would be willing to compromise on. It is also a good practice to try to take the high road. For example, aiming for a healthy co-parenting relationship can mean having a strong relationship with children in the decades ahead.

Couples in high-asset divorces might want to try to settle out of court for privacy reasons. If they own a business, they might agree to sell the company or one might buy out the other. A spouse who is not involved in the business and who earns significantly less might still get a portion of its value. Another consideration for spouses in a high-asset divorce is making sure each person is forthcoming about assets and not making any attempt to hide them.