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3 experts who may help with your divorce case

Going through a divorce is usually not easy emotionally. After all, splitting property can be tremendously stressful. Often, the best way to reduce stress is to formulate a plan for getting through the divorce process. Focusing on reaching an acceptable settlement may also be a good strategy. 

Unfortunately, when spouses divide assets or think about child custody, arguments often arise. Sometimes, though, there is no clear answer to your disagreements. To bolster your side, you may need a professional opinion. Here are three types of experts who may be helpful: 

1. Financial professionals 

Perhaps the most common type of expert in divorce cases, financial experts understand both individual and marital finances. Put simply, finances matter. If you think your spouse is hiding assets, a forensic accountant may expose the scheme. Or, if you want to argue that you cannot afford to pay spousal support, a financial expert may provide the expertise you need to convince a judge. Either way, a financial professional may benefit you greatly. 

2. Property professionals 

Whether you and your spouse own one home or many, you must know what your real estate is worth to divide it fairly. You may also want a realistic picture of how much you need for rent after your divorce concludes. Realtors and other property experts provide insight into real property. If you try to obtain a realistic valuation of a parcel, you may need to hire a few property experts. 

3. Child psychologists 

If you have children, you want what is best for them. The family law judge will likely take this same approach when determining custody and visitation. You should not, however, expect a judge to take your word for what is best for your kids during and after your divorce. Instead, you may want to have a child therapist or psychologist provide an expert opinion. 

Your divorce case may or may not be complex. Still, you may need an expert opinion or two to better understand how to proceed. By understanding the common types of experts in divorces, you know whom to contact to help you make your case.