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Preparing for divorce in the summer months

People in North Carolina are more likely to divorce during the summer, according to experts. There are a number of reasons why this may be true, including the fact that children are out of school and transitions may be less complicated during this period. One study showed that August and March are traditionally high periods for divorce, especially after families spend more time together in the summer months or over the winter holidays. The new year can also spark new divorces along with resolutions.

However, it can be important to plan for divorce no matter what time of year it happens. People who are thinking about ending their marriage may want to gain a better understanding of marital finances, including their credit cards, bank accounts and investment funds. They should also work to collect key documents like bank statements and tax returns, which will become important in later divorce negotiations and the property division process. Divorce is often driven by emotional concerns, but the practical aspects of the legal dissolution of a marriage are especially important for both partners and have long-term impacts.

Families with children may have particular concerns about how to protect their kids during the divorce process. While it is important to plan in advance for the end of a marriage, experts advise that kids should be left out of the discussion until their lives will definitely be affected. Honesty is important, but children should not be used as a support for one parent or another during the process.

One of the most important parts of preparing for a divorce may be visiting with a family law attorney to seek legal advice. A lawyer may help people understand the implications of divorce and represent a divorcing spouse in seeking a fair settlement on property division, child custody and other matters.