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The plus side of raising a child together after splitting up

One of the biggest concerns of divorced parents in North Carolina is how to continue providing their children with a positive parenting experience even after the split. While breaking up and divorcing is a very emotionally tense period that affects both parents and kids, choosing to positively co-parent after splitting up has benefits for both children and parents.

For the children, co-parenting provides the sense of security that is often lost once their parents divorce. Because co-parenting allows children to continue developing their relationship with both parents, children learn to understand that while their parents might not be together anymore, they can still find love and support in both parents. This is necessary for positive growth for children. It also helps children continue to behave positively because the outcome of a divorce where one parent has primary child custody sometimes leads to children reacting and exhibiting negative behavior issues as a result.

Co-parenting also benefits the parents. First, it encourages the parents to build a cordial relationship after a split since they will need to see each other often to raise their children together. Second, it balances the responsibilities that come with raising a child, such as decision-making when it comes to child care, activities and medical issues. In addition, co-parenting balances the financial cost of raising children since both parents are involved and responsible for these expenses. Finally, co-parenting allows each parent to have a significant amount of time for themselves to build their new life and continue with their own interests.

During the negotiation of the child custody agreement, parents may benefit from the guidance offered by a family law lawyer. A lawyer may assist them in designing a parenting plan that works for all parties involved.