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Reasons why divorce filings go up in January

North Carolina residents may have heard those in legal circles refer to the month of January as “divorce month.” This is because divorce filings are higher during the month of January, especially during the first part of the month. Even search engines see more searches for things related to the topic of divorce.

Some may wonder why January is considered Divorce Month. One reason may have to do with the fact that people are making New Year’s resolutions and want to take steps to make improvements in their life. Part of this may be ending a marriage that is deeply troubled.

Stressors related to the holidays can put serious strain on a couple. Things like spending more money, traveling and being with extended family may make a person feel that they do not want to spend another holiday season with their spouse. Instead of announcing a divorce during the holidays, they leave it until the beginning of the year.

Learning about the divorce process can help an individual who feels that divorce is the best option for their circumstances. Also, kindness can go a long way in making the best of a difficult situation. While it will not be easy, divorce does not need to be contentious. Besides the fact that everyone will walk away from the situation in the best state possible emotionally, it is likely that the couple will save a lot of money if the divorce is peaceful.

An attorney could answer questions that a person has about divorce and help them know what they should expect. They could let them know what options are available as far as their children are concerned, including how to get child custody. If necessary, the lawyer could argue for one parent’s fitness and show why their client would be best suited to have custody of the children.