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Marriage and divorce rates drop over a decade in North Carolina

Many parents and spiritual leaders will tell you that, of all the major decisions one ends up making in life, the right partner is the most important choice of all. The proper spouse will make success in life and parenting far easier, while the wrong match can lead to heartache and despair for more than just the unhappy couple.

Divorce is always an option for people who have determined they made the wrong decision. North Carolina is a no-fault divorce state, which means no spouse has to prove that the other did something wrong – like infidelity or abuse – to file for the end of a marriage.

However, it appears that Tar Heels are less likely to take the plunge of life partnership, as well as less likely to file for divorce. The marriage rate in North Carolina fell by nearly three people per thousand, representing a drop of nearly 20% since 2008. At the same time, the divorce rate rose by nearly two people in a thousand, although this is also nearly a 20% drop since 2008.

The divorce rate in North Carolina is still higher than the national average. This also means that the average North Carolinian may still encounter the legal situation surrounding marriage or divorce, and they may need help.

Legal representation is useful while dealing with divorce, creating a prenuptial agreement or other part of the court system connected to marriage. An attorney may save valuable time and resources for people by saving time spent in court or wrangling over the details of property division.