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What does it take to get a divorce in North Carolina?

Old marriage vows include the phrase “until death do us part,” but life can go on after a marriage is over. Even when those words were more popular, there were already ways to end a marriage in the eyes of the law or religious authorities. Fortunately, it is easier and less expensive to secure a divorce when one or both spouses feel the need for it.

  • Who can file for divorce in North Carolina?

Any person who is married in a way recognized by the laws of the Tar Heel State who has lived within its borders for at least six months may apply for a divorce. An additional point that is important to remember is that the spouses must have lived separately for 12 consecutive months prior to filing. This period starts over if spouses move back in together.

  • What are the acceptable reasons for divorce?

North Carolina, like many other states, is a no-fault divorce state. This means that neither person in the married couple needs to produce a reason. Married parents should think carefully about the ramifications of divorce for children as well as themselves. However, a court rarely asks for clarifications of reasons for divorce.

  • What kind of help is available for people seeking a divorce?

A court may waive the application fee for people who may have a problem paying it. An attorney can always help with the details of your divorce, including the separation of assets so people do not suffer financial distress. Legal representation is often worth the extra attention to details in one of life’s most important decisions.