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What does family court rule on in North Carolina?

If it’s time to go to family court, there may be a problem in your family. These things happen all the time, and no one should feel fear or shame inside a family courtroom. This goes double for children, who are almost always there due to circumstances out of their control.

  • What gets sorted out in a family court?

Family courts rule on the fate of juvenile delinquency, cases of abuse among dependencies, parental rights and child custody issues. Divorces and domestic violence matters may also be heard by a family court.

  • How many family courts do people go through?

The goal in North Carolina is for families and their legal issues to be heard in one court, or at least as few as possible. This is for the benefit of all involved, as judges can consider multiple aspects of a family’s position in any legal issues they are facing. It also cuts down on the time courts need to familiarize themselves with a family’s circumstances.

  • Are family court matters always disagreements?

A judge may be interested in and able to divert people out of court to mediation services, pre-adult social services and other ways to avoid extra time in court or punishment. A family court is attempting to make peace with families and society, not punish.

  • Who can help with family court matters?

An attorney’s representation is always allowed in any legal issues, whether in the courtroom or in preparation for a case. A lawyer can make all the difference, especially when it comes to emotional issues being ruled on in court.