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North Carolina social services department under fire over custody

It is a fundamental part of parenthood for mother and fathers alike that they do not want to be separated from their children. Even parents who must be isolated from their kids in hospitals and similar places feel an itch that doesn’t go away until they can be with their family again.

When the state has to step in for the safety of a child or family, it usually does it through social service departments or children’s services. The skills and integrity of social workers is very important to parents and children alike. So, it is causing several problems that a North Carolina county’s social services department is facing a scandal.

Three workers in the department are facing charges over their behaviors during years as a director, attorney and unit director. The charges state the three created a system in which children were removed from their parents without the proper oversight. State and federal authorities were involved in the two-year investigation that led to state attorney in Raleigh preparing the accusations.

Custody and visitation agreements were apparently used by the department to deprive parents of their rights without the due process in North Carolina’s family court system. One of the suspects is facing a perjury charge after affirming that the documents in one agreement were false.

An attorney can help explain any risks that occurred to children and families in North Carolina. Legal representation is very important for parents facing challenges to their custody rights. Parents deserve due process in any court proceedings or agreements involving their children and their families.