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Reasons for divorce can vary in North Carolina

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2020 | High Asset Divorce

If you have a lot to lose in a divorce, you may be thinking you don’t need one. After all, people can change, and that may include your own doubts about a spouse. In case that is not how things work out, though, it never hurts to be emotionally and legally prepared.

A recent survey of former spouses who got divorces in North Carolina helped to explain how and why people decide they have had enough. One of the oldest legal reasons for a divorce is sexual infidelity. Anyone who discovers the lie of cheating is bound to reconsider a marriage. Even if you think you can patch things up, an escape plan is a good thing to have for emotional security.

People may also decide they got married too young. As life expectancies rise and children are no longer a main reason to get married, people’s long-term views of each other change. The accessibility of divorce also makes it easier for people to gain a fresh start later in life than it was in previous decades.

A partner’s abuses, whether pointed at a spouse or not, can have a profound effect on relationships and shared emotions. Problems like alcoholism and drug use can turn loved ones into apparently whole other people, while long-term emotional abuse is also a good reason to rethink things.

If a spouse may be feeling the same way, a divorce and separation of assets may not be as difficult as it seems at first thought. A lawyer can help review your assets and see what you should expect after a filing for divorce.

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