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What should you expect in family court?

When divorce becomes a reality, it is often unanticipated, especially by first-time spouses. You may be reeling, with little else to reference against your experience than movies about screaming parents and awkward relationships between stepchildren. But this was never really the way divorces often went in North Carolina and elsewhere in the country, and it is even less so now.

  • What can spouses expect from their time in family court?

Family courts are accustomed to hashing out spouses’ and parents’ needs during and after a divorce. When children are involved, parents should expect judges and other court officers to put the best interests of any children first. This is partially because they do not get the same chance as adults to articulate their preferences.

  • What about spouses with no children from their marriage?

The identification and division of marital property is a big issue for all people getting divorces. Courts can mandate these issues if spouses cannot come to their own agreements through discussion or mediation.

  • What about parties interested in the results of a divorce?

Grandparents’ rights and the claims of other non-immediate family members may be recognized by family courts. This is especially important if either parent is unavailable or considered under the law to be unfit for child care and responsibility.

  • Who can help in family court?

An attorney can always help people with needs and appearances in family court. A parent’s or spouse’s interests should never be ignored in a court of law, and legal representation ensures that all sides of an issue are visited in legal matters.